Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Restoration Horticulture at Edmonds College

Edmonds Community College offers a unique, new two-year degree in Restoration Horticulture that will train students to help restore damaged land, habitat, and ecosystems in a range of rural, suburban, and urban environments.

The Restoration Horticulture program trains students to replant natural areas by designing, establishing, and stewarding native plant communities. It also teaches them to how to create green spaces in urban settings using green roofs and walls, and bioswales (drainage troughs that filter runoff water).

“Helping to restore ecosystems in damaged natural areas is an emerging and critically important field. Restoration work is often dependent upon the successful use of plants. We’re training students to provide that expertise,” said instructor Timothy Hohn, chair of the college’s Horticulture Department.

The degree includes foundation courses within the college’s well-established horticulture program such as plant identification, soils, pest management, and pruning as well as new restoration horticulture classes including Introduction to Restoration Ecology, HORT 250, and Pacific Northwest Land and Water Issues, HORT 249.

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Michele Graves said...

Thanks for the post. The photo is of Edmonds Community College Human Ecology students ( taken on Spencer Island in the Snohomish Delta.