Wednesday, July 02, 2008



July 8th from 5:30-7:30pm

Let’s raise a toast to the planet while we figure

out ways to not toast the planet!

Jessica Pavish, a Snohomish County native, has had the good fortune to
visit many places all over the world and really wants to make sure that
our kids (hers and yours and all the people we'll never meet, because
they haven't been born yet) will inherit a planet that is as beautiful and
diverse as the one we've enjoyed. She's an avid recycler and is often
found at our local Goodwill store.

Jessica has been serving client's investment needs since 1984 - ask how
she can "green-up your green". You're sure to enjoy her extensive
collection of work by local artists and refreshments provided by
"The Savory Table". She is excited to share her Edward Jones
office located in Everett's first mixed-use/affordable housing development .

Edward Jones
22511 Colby
Everett 98201

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