Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Low Impact Development Workshop Series

Puget Sound Low Impact Development Technical Workshop Series

This series is developed by Curtis Hinman with WSU (the author of the LID Technical Guidance Manual) and sponsored by the Puget Sound Partnership. The cost to you is only $50 for each 2-day workshop. These two-day workshops, with instruction by regional and national experts, will provide the current state of knowledge on the following topics:

May 6-7 Permeable paving specifications for permeable asphalt, concrete, interlocking concrete pavers, and other paving systems, as well as subgrade preparation, base material specifications, modeling, and maintenance.

May 28-29 Bioretention siting, sizing and modeling techniques, designing surface and subsurface drainage components, and soil mixes.

June 4-5 Vegetated roof modeling (aka green roofs), cistern design, rainwater collection, and low impact PIN foundations design.

June 25-26 Site planning, clearing and grading, LID construction sequencing, and inspection.

This series will be held in Sequim at the Jamestown Tribal Center. The same series of workshops will be also be provided in Bellingham (September and October 2008) and Seattle (February and March 2009)

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