Monday, April 14, 2008

Environmental Superhero: Snohomish County

Elizabeth Armstrong /The Herald/ Deanna Carveth, a hazardous waste chemist for the county, talks a little "trash" with Deanna Clark Willingham (left) and Tom Stowe at a meeting of the International Right of Way Association.

Employee spreads Green Know-How

Before long, Deanna Carveth will have to be fitted with a cape. It would be one woven using renewable materials, of course.

"I've packaged a lot of household hazardous waste, rendering people's garages safer from the toxic goo that lived within," Carveth said in her best superhero voice. "I get a cape."

Carveth is a hazardous waste chemist working for Snohomish County's public works department -- in other words, a chemical geek.

After years of tackling pesticides and paints elsewhere, she's been helping Snohomish County's environmental effort.

Her work earned her a big award. She was recently anointed a "Built Green Pioneer" by the Master Builders of King and Snohomish Counties, which represents the region's home building industry.

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