Monday, March 26, 2007

Rise and Cool and Sustainable Roofing

The Rise of Cool and Sustainable Roofing
Demand is growing for high-performance roof systems that meet standards for performance and longevity while also being energy efficient and sustainably constructed. Drew Ballensky lays out the details of next-generation roofs in Eco-Structure Magazine.

For nearly 10 years, the hottest trends in commercial roofing have been "cool" and "sustainable" roof systems. These concepts have been embraced by a growing number of industry associations and government agencies, and virtually every type of commercial roof system is under pressure to demonstrate it is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

As cool and sustainable roofing continue to gain wide acceptance, they are driving significant change in the design and manufacture of roof systems, product innovation, marketing strategies, owner and manager selection priorities, and market dynamics. These trends, reinforced by a growing number of revised building codes and legislation, are creating demand for a new class of HPR, or high-performance roof, systems that can satisfy traditional performance criteria, including installed cost, performance and longevity, as well as newer criteria, such as preservation of the environment, energy efficiency and life-cycle costs.

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