Sunday, March 11, 2007

Going Green At the Beach

In March of 2004, Dave and Anna Porter made a decision to reduce the impact their lifestyle was having on the planet. Among other changes, they sold their “McMansion” in Woodinville, with the enormous yard and Dave even made what many would consider the ultimate sacrifice: he gave up his Jaguar for a Toyota Prius.

In 2006, the Porters decided to go even further. They vowed to transform their ramshackle 100-year-old beachfront house into an energy-efficient, environmentally responsible home that would meet the strictest green home guidelines while providing a beautiful, comfortable living space that would meet their family’s current and future needs. To help others benefit from their experience, they committed to making the project a demonstration home for green design, systems, and materials, and to document their options, choices, and decisions as well as the performance of the home.

The result is “Going Green at the Beach,” a unique exploration of the possibilities open to all of us to make meaningful changes in how we live. Through this website, tours, presentations, and other education, the Porters will share much more than just the look of their “deep green” home when construction is complete in September of 2007. You’ll learn the opportunities and obstacles they faced, understand why they made the choices they did, see first-hand how a green home is built, and even hear tips on green living from the Porters’ “recycled” dog, Skipper.

We hope you enjoy "Going Green at the Beach"! Click here for a summary of the project!

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