Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Join Us - June 15th - Discussion on Low Impact Development

Presented by the Snohomish County
Sustainable Development Task Force:
Please join us and other community leaders in a discussion on Low Impact Development (LID) at:
Everett Community College’s Whitehorse hall Room # 105
Friday, June 15th from 11am-1pm
  • Share your most and least successful LID projects and why they did/did not work.
  • Discuss what is “do-able” from a Maintenance perspective.
  • Voice your concerns and questions about what is to come for LID and LID maintenance.
The Snohomish County Sustainable Development Task Force (SCSDTF) is developing a workshop on LID maintenance for Fall, 2012. To ensure that the workshop is relevant, the (SCSDTF) is hosting an eco-charrette to gather information from those who own, design, install, maintain, permit or are considering installation of LID.
Join us to voice your concerns about LID maintenance and development.
For charrette details contact SDTF at :
Light refreshments at the meeting are sponsored by:
Everett Community College and Lancer’s Catering
Please forward this invitation to colleagues, neighbors or friends that are interested in Low Impact Development

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