Monday, March 02, 2009

Snohomish County Adopt New Development Regulations

Snohomish County Council Adopt New Development Regulations Urban Residential Design Standards The Snohomish County Council on January 21, 2009 approved Ordinance 08-101 relating to new Urban Residential Design Standards.

The ordinance will go into effect on April 21, 2009. This ordinance adds new architectural standards for all forms of residential development located in unincorporated UGAs. Highlights include:

  • New regulations to improve the exterior appearance of residential dwellings (Single family, duplex, townhouses and multiple family buildings) including garages through a menu of design options

  • New regulations to preserve significant trees in perimeter landscaping and critical areas and buffers

  • New regulations to replace significant trees when they are cut down

  • New regulations to require street trees in residential developments

  • New regulations to address compatibility of new development with existing residences

  • Greater flexibility in using alleys and auto courts in all forms of residential development

  • Changes to the way building height is calculated

  • Increased building height in single family and multiple family residential zones

  • New regulations to allow cottage housing

  • Requirement that all new residential developments provide on-site recreation space

  • Administrative review of architectural design standards through an administrative site plan

  • Flexibility built into the review process to allow a continuation of the on-line building permits

  • Improved pedestrian connections within residential developments

  • Increase in director discretionary authority

  • New “Design Manual” to illustrate architectural, landscaping and street standards (user friendly with pictures and illustrations)

  • A new perimeter landscaping table in SCC 30.25

  • A new SCC 30.24 which consolidates roads standard previously located in (SCC 30.41A and 41B and other code chapters)

  • Changes to the use matrix related to townhouses and cottage housing

  • A new bulk matrix for residential zones including new setbacks for upper stories of residential dwellings

  • New EDDS standards for urban roads (Ordinance 08-101)

Rural Cluster Subdivisions The Snohomish County Council on February 4, 2009 approved Ordinance 08-087 relating to Rural Cluster Subdivision. The ordinance will go into effect on April 5, 2009. Highlights include:

  • New landscaping standards for perimeter buffers and buffers between clusters

  • Reduction in the number of lots in a cluster from 30 to 13

  • Increasing the width of setback buffers along roads from 50 to 100 feet (200 feet if the site is meadow or pasture)

  • Requires a minimum 50 foot buffer on site boundaries not abutting a road

  • Increases the width of buffers between clusters from 50 to 200 feet

  • Increases the setback for dwellings adjacent to farmland from 50 to 100 feet

  • Retention of 50 percent of the tree canopy is preferred

  • Requires use of low impact development techniques

  • Makes lot yield and density bonus calculations for properties designated Rural Residential (1 du/5 ac Basic) in the comprehensive plan the same as those designated Rural Residential-5. (Ordinance 08-087 )

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Dear Snoho LID Team--

Good posting today on plans to improve ecosystem services.

I am working with a team of storm water agencies to design a series of Green Living posters that help people understand the low impact practices you are promoting.

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