Friday, October 24, 2008

LID Practices for Storm Water in Wester Washington

Thank you to PSA and PPS for moving ahead with LID practices....

Activists want cities' storm water control to go green
By Phuong LeAssociated PressSEATTLE --

Environmental groups are fighting to require more than 85 Western Washington cities and counties to curb storm water runoff using "green" methods such as retention ponds, native vegetation and cisterns.The state Pollution Control Hearings Board was considering challenges to the state's storm water rules Thursday, including an appeal from Puget Soundkeeper Alliance arguing that low-impact designs should be mandated to stem the flow of pollutants into the region's waters.

The rules could affect development in at least 80 municipalities and five counties in Western Washington, including Bellingham, Port Angeles, Everett and Vancouver."What we're asking for here is not for them to do something new, but to shift away from traditional techniques that we know don't work very well to low-impact techniques," said Jan Hasselman, an attorney for Earthjustice representing PSA and People for Puget Sound.

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Timothy said...

We're helping cities and counties across western Washington teach citizens about rain gardens, green roofs and low impact development tools through a series of beautiful and educational posters.

Good Nature Grey to Green Living series Rain Garden poster is first in the series of three poster field guides to cleaning up non point pollution and growing back native ecosystem services paved over by cities in western Washington and Oregon.

I have discounts available for teaching and outreach.

Hope you check out these resources for your LID work.

best fishes,

Timothy Colman
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