Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Greening Up the Evergreen State Fair

Rain gardens and a pathway of porous concrete will help keep storm water cleaner at the fairgrounds in Monroe.

By Katya Yefimova, Herald Writer

Rachel McCrea, a storm water specialist for the state Department of Ecology, shows her daughter Olivia, 6, how water seeps through porous concrete at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds on Friday.

MONROE -- Rain gardens, planter boxes and a new walkway are all part of a $323,400 project finished just in time for the Evergreen State Fair's 100th birthday.The project is intended to filter pollution from storm water before it hits the area's waterways.The project was paid for by a state Department of Ecology grant the county received last year.Storm water running off roofs, lawns, roads and other surfaces is often polluted with oil, toxic metals and bacteria. As a result, it can pose serious problems for water quality in streams and aquifers.

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