Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wildlife Habitats at Camano Gardens Tour

Photo credit: Elizabeth Armstrong / The Herald

(Zsofia Pasztor is a member of the Sustainable Development Task Force of Snohomish County)

New Camano garden tour celebrates homeowners' wildlife habitats
By Debra Smith Herald Writer

What may matter most at Kitty and Stu Smith's place is what you won't see. No blackberry brambles, no nettles, no lawn.That's remarkable, considering that not too long ago, this chunk of wooded property on Camano Island had an abundance of all of the above.Today it feels naturally beautiful, as if it has always been this way. That's the point."Our goal was to preserve as much as we could and add in a way that looks as if it was never added to," said Zsofia Pasztor, a landscape designer who worked on the project.

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