Monday, June 18, 2007

Pilot Programs Protect Farmland


EVERETT -- Snohomish County has started two pilot programs to protect farmland from development after a study showed that only about 53 percent of the area's designated farmland is being used for agricultural purposes.

The county has about 63,000 acres of farmland, but a new study released by the county revealed that only about 33,110 acres actually were being used for farming, including raising cattle and crops and operating nurseries and orchards.

Most of the productive farmland is being used to grow grass for livestock, as well as green chop and corn silage for the dairy industry, according to the study.

Much of the farmland in floodplains is too wet to cultivate, some has too many trees and other parts include waterways, roads, houses, driveways and other structures.

The findings released last week could help change that.

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