Thursday, September 14, 2006

Going Green at the Beach

The Sustainable Development Task Force is partnering with the Porter Family to promote and advocate for their near-shore remodel. This is an exciting project for us that will model various green projects that we will showcase during construction and during site tours when the house is finished. Keep checking this site for photos, updates on progress as well as various decisions that have been made in the design process that will impact the functionality and innovation of the house.

Currently, the Porters are hoping to obtain a 5 star BuiltGreen certification as well as Energy Star and Health Home, a project of the American Lung Association. For more information on these certification tools, see, , and,2085,DIY_16808_3739724,00.html


Anonymous said...

This is an exciting opportunity for Snohomish County -- the first demonstration home for green!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any photos to post? Yes, this is exciting.

The links are great but blogs are more exciting when a photo is posted up online with in the blog

Depending on how you have this blog set up not everyone can post photos only the adminstrator or unless one is a member to the blog.

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